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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Is it rabbit season?

The pigs love these sunny autumn days, they laze about in the sunshine sleeping and snoozing the day away – I wish I was a pig.

Reality check! Autumn brings with it the many needs of the pigs to make it through winter. I still need to finish Tiberius’s shelter and do some work on the big pig house. There is also a lot of weed control that needs to be undertaken as some serious fencing that needs to be fixed. After following the boar down the fence line on Saturday I’ve discovered a whole new list of jobs to do.

I think it’s the last chance to give them a cleansing Garlic Brew and fill the lick box. The Cook has a magic lick formula that helps reduce the worm count and replace the trace elements the animals don’t get from the feed in winter.

Rabbits – nearly forgot about the blasted rabbits. The Cook was a little bit ‘upset’ last night when she discovered that the little rodents had eaten all of her cabbages she planted on Sunday – all gone! Not One Left Standing! DECIMATED!!!!! Looks like its open season on rabbits!!!!!!!!

We had a mob of cattle o the flat last night – which included Beccy. Looks like the Cook didn’t need to do all that running around after all. I think she is going out on Phoe this afternoon to try and cut her out of the herd. Can’t wait to hear the rodeo stories when I get home.

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Lynettes blogs said...

You need to get a gun license real quick what with wild pigs,foxes and rabbits they will eat you out of house and home