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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Making Jam

Blackberries – not the telephone sort, but the black sweet yummy sort that grows down the river. The Cook spent Saturday making jam from a bucket of blackberries she had picked that morning. Ben absolutely loves them and it’s not unusual to find him with a purple stained mouth and fingers during the picking season.

Today is supposed to be very windy and maybe we’ll have some rain. We spent yesterday afternoon putting things away before the front moves through – with 100kph winds forecast I didn’t want to take any chances of something shorting out the fence.

Only one pig escaped this morning, so yesterday’s modification to the fence must be working – almost. I was up early this morning because it’s bread day - the days are getting shorter and it’s now dark when I have to leave early for jobs.

I was watching the piglets on the weekend, they have a game they play which is very funny to watch. The start off by running around the paddock in single file, once everybody is in the line they form a figure eight and as they run it gets smaller until the front piglets catch up to the ones in the back. Once they catch up they crash into each other for the biggest melee you’ve ever seen. I’ve seen repeat this game many times in a day – free range is the only way to grow happy pigs!

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