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Friday, March 6, 2009

How many?

I don’t know how many pigs we have at the moment. I know we have two inside and fifteen piglets out side – but I’m not sure how many others we are supposed to have. I might do an inventory this weekend.

The eldest piglets are at the exploring age. I’m hoping they don’t find the ducks eggs two quickly – we haven’t collected any for weeks now since the older pigs have been getting out.

The piglets have a game they play where they run around for a few minutes following a leader, finally the first piglet leads them into a giant figure eight pattern then slowly makes it smaller and smaller, until, finally the first and last piglets are following each other nose to tail – once they are all in the tightest figure eight pattern the cross over piglets crash into each other and all the pigs form a scrum, one on top of the other – a massive pile of feet, tails and noses everywhere.

We had our first cold night for Autumn last night. There was frost on the windscreen of the cars and bare metal gates. And to think last Friday it was so hot at the Show. The forecast is for days around 24 Deg and mornings around 4 Deg – I love this time of year. But this also means we only have a month to get the pigs shelters finished and the finished pigs to the processor.

I saw on a website yesterday a fellow talking about how dry it was and how the river near his farm had nearly stop flowing, and how surprised he was at the low soil level of moisture. He was telling the story about how he was digging a post hole and had to get a bucket of water because the soil was so dusty he couldn’t dig it with a post hole digger. The same fellow had only been saying in December/January that he was having such a good season. It’s surprising how quickly things can change for farmers, one minute everything looks like it’s going really well – next minute your carting water and hand feeding.

Today’s picture is the winner of the Best Any Breed Milking Goat at the Royal Canberra Show 2009.

We got your article Lynn – thanks, luckily none of our pigs are that smart!

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Lindsay said...

I think your piglets should be trained for a game of rugby - they might even beat England in their present state!