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Thursday, April 23, 2009


I was visitor 4444 yesterday!!!
After a long wait, we have finally landed our first bum nut. One of the chickens has started laying, we don’t know who yet, but it is very much appreciated. It has taken a while and a huge effort including incubation, feeding and midnight fox alerts.

All of the neighbours’ cows are on our place at the moment as well. The Cook was wondering why they hadn’t been disturbing the water hole over the last few days – this explains it. She also had a meeting yesterday with the Catchment Management Authority Ranger? I’m not sure what they are called. They seem keen to work with us to remedy a major problem we have in our large gully. But we will wait and see.

The animals are all doing well, we’ve had a flush of green since the rain and everybody is getting as much grass as they can before the frosts start. Normally we would have been having regular frost by now, usually by ANZAC day its brass monkey weather; but so far it’s been rather mild.

I’m off to the Grasslands Field day tomorrow so I may not get to the Blog until really late – if at all. If not, remember ANZAC Day and what its really for – Lest We Forget.

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Mad Bush Farm said...

The Brass Monkeys can stay clear of my place for a while. We don't get the frosts until about June then everything carks it grasswise. Great news on your egg. We're off to the dawn ANZAC Parade shortly. I have to cover it for the newspaper I edit. Lousy weather here this morning but at least the grass will start growing a little more. Have fun at the field day.