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Thursday, April 16, 2009


We had an amazing dust storm last night, we couldn’t see for more then 500m all afternoon. And wind, the wind was blowing between 25 and 40 knots all afternoon. I think some of the geese lost all their feathers. Luckily the pigs a re low to the ground and rather heavy – sort of like me.

I checked in on the piglets at one stage – luckily they had attached themselves to their mothers by the use of suction and at last count w hadn’t lost any. It’s really Autumn here now, all the trees have started turning yellow and red and we are being greeted by frost each morning. It was thick today. And of course the fire is going on each night.

The Cook headed off to the Lovegrass Field Day down by the TSR and at last report there was about 22 people in attendance. She said it was interesting but nothing ground breaking.

The dogs saw off a fox last night, unfortunately Shadow is still to slow and Archer to silly to catch one. Some of the chickens are escaping in the morning as well which I will need to fix on the weekend.

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Lynettes blogs said...

well I am now in Alice Springs
{no dust storms up here}
The boss is cooking for himself.
Wanted to cook up a roo tail for soup Son turned up his nose yuck
he said blackfeller food I was offended. Will tale a frozen one home for the boss