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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

First snow for the year

First snow for the year; and it’s only April. Hopefully this means a wet winter – but that will have to wait to be seen. On Sunday we had a major wind storm with gusts over 100kph, luckily we all survived. I don’t think any of the piglets are hanging in the trees – inside joke, we don’t have any trees.

So apart from a wet and wild weekend – over 20mm of rain, it was pretty quite.

Of course there is always something – I ended up on the side o the roadside again this morning. Fortunately I had a rescue team on hand – The Cook; and I was able to continue on with the chores and arrive at work in time to get a park. So what happened this time – I ran out of petrol! Cruising down the highway – I wanted to stop at Michelago but it was closed so I kept going, just didn’t get far enough. Luckily the Cook had left only five minutes before me. I was a little stressed out because I had no credit on my phone, so I dialled up and used my credit card – but that takes forever….. I was sweating on the Cook not reaching work before I had a chance to call. Luck was on my side! I got her just before she reached the car park and was able to convince her rescue me – now; of course, I have to include something really nice for an anniversary gift. I did see a great pink crow bar on another web site – I wonder if she’d like one of those?

I know she wants a new stove – don’t we all. And she muttered something about a new Bathroom. And I’m always getting the new kitchen and a dishwasher grumble – I don’t have a tractor, so you don’t need a dishwasher. Last time I said that the Ambulance man asked me if I was crazy or looking for a medal as he put in the drip.


Jaaam said...

A tractor is an image thing Mate, and you're not a real farmer anyway. The tractor can come for Father's Day in September. Just get your woman an oven and a dishwasher while you're at it, as we all know you are unable to fulfill that duty............James says that this is not from him at all it is from all the girls...mate

Jaaam said...

Happy Anniversary for Wednesday.

Anonymous said...

I love it! Very creative!That's actually really cool.