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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Mad dogs and Englishmen

I went down to pick up the mail this morning and was surprised to find a parcel had been delivered. It was wrapped in brown paper and had white string holding it all together. There was a note on the front saying the string had been recycled – I later realised that this was a pun.

The parcel was from Andrew; he had made it all the way to Melbourne on his bike -1165km in 9.5 days and was letting us know he had arrived back in Sydney safe and sound. The string was the string he had used to hold all his gear together on his bike. A fine memento!

The Cooma Monaro Express published my letter to the Editor about the Chakola mine. Hopefully I won’t get to much grief from the locals about resisting the development.

We have more kids sleeping over, which is good – increases the labour force by 33%. I’ll be able to hitch them to the old horse drawn plough and turn the sod on the lower fifty this afternoon.

It was drizzling this morning, very heavy drizzle, which is terrific. Even small showers of rain are welcome here at the moment. Someone from out at Jerangle told me they’d had 32mm over the past week, which is a little less then what fell in Bredbo.

The three little pigs are still terrorising the farm. They followed me into the house yesterday and stood in the kitchen demanding food. I had to chase them out with the broom and close all the doors.

I still haven’t worked out what to get the Cook. I only just remembered it’s Mothers Day shortly as well – I’ll have ulcers before long.

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Mad Bush Farm said...

Kids make excellent farm slaves. I'd get that old plough and and hitch em up. On the gift you'll come up with something the cook will love. Great on the rain yes you need it - we need more here as well. Not much yesterday just a couple of drizzle patches. Pigs in the kitchen x3 I had three calves in mine in 2007. Little beggars walked in while I was mixing up their milk. The broom then didn't work. Yes I have a calf I call the Terrorist wonder if this lot of little piggies are in league with her..

Take care