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Monday, May 18, 2009

Land Mines

Piglets having a play

Well, you live and learn. I’m never chasing a fox in bare feet again. I was asleep on Saturday morning, it was about 3:30am, very cold but the half moon was bright. I awoke to the sound of the ducks going off. I jumped out of bed and with little thought to my own well being raced outside. I opened the door to the mud room and raced to the back door – this is where the dogs sleep. Unfortunately for me, the Cook had fed one of them some left over curry and in return the dog had left a land mine in the middle of the door way. So bare footed I stepped right into it! As a kid we used to jump from warm cow pat to warm cow pat when getting the milking cows in, but this warm squishy feeling just isn’t the same – and it stinks. So I chased off the fox and returned to the house for an earlier then usual morning shower. The kids came in later in the morning and told me to be careful of the booby trap at the back door, I told them what had happened - they’re still laughing. Luckily there are no photo’s!

We did a raid on the Canberra “burbs” for more acorns on Saturday which was very successful. Mind you most of them are now gone because we’ve been feeding them out to the pigs for breakfast. Saturday morning was Soccer, on the way in we saw two of the weirdest things, the first was an enormous murder of crows on a oats paddock. There must have been in excess of two hundred birds; and secondly, a tidings of magpies with about eighty birds. I had talk to a bird fancier about what I saw and apparently there is a little understood phenomenon of small black crows gathering together in the highlands at this time of year.

I had a feed pickup on Sunday and spent three hours waiting on the side of the road for the guy to turn up. So little else was achieved.

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Lynettes blogs said...

WEll easy one, wear gum boots to bed for easy takeoff.
Cook will love it,, saves water!!
Lyn x