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Monday, May 4, 2009


A few people have asked us about the swine flu and if it was having an impact on us at all. Short answer is no, fortunately our pigs are healthy and from what I understand they have no impact on humans catching the influenza.

Of course one of the benefits for us about this whole thing is that pig farms and pig farmers are getting onto the news. I love seeing how other farmers operate. You get a good idea if you’re on the right track and how well you stack up against the opposition – even if it is only your opinion.

The pigs are a bit smelly at the moment however; I think it’s because there is a bit of mud around from the recent rains. I’m currently working on a plan to spread out the population. One thing that we need to consider is reducing the amount of nutrients building up in the soil within the pig enclosures. I think this is one of the reasons the smell starts. Most likely the lack of continual rain over the past months has led to a large amount of nutrients remaining in the top layer of soil instead of leaching down the slope towards the garden areas.

So, as we had piglets in the house for a couple of days the Cook made up some piglet formula and stuck it in the fridge. She uses an old 2 litre milk container and it usually has milk, goat milk powder, cod liver oil and an egg in it. She came in on Saturday morning and was looking in the fridge, none of the organic “house” milk had been used she’d bought the day before. She asked Harry if Dad had made a cup of tea the night before – he realised strait away what had happened and burst into uncontrollable laughter. He forgets that I don’t! What I didn’t tell any of them was that I’d also had breakfast cereal - I wondered what the fishy taste was…….. That reminds me of the time she got JAAAM with the chocolate dog wormer – but that’s another story.

Anyway, I saw something funny on the weekend. Gob the turkey was marching the geese around the house. I watched them for ten minutes, and then decided I needed to take a picture of what was going on. They looked a treat and reminded me of my ill spent youth in uniform listen to turkey’s yelling orders at me.

I did my RabbitScan duties on the weekend as well. I spotted nine rabbits in fifteen minutes from a spot just behind the meat house. I hadn’t realised they were getting that thick. After would I saw another four behind the shearing shed and two more in the gully – I hope the guy in town with the ferrets calls me back soon.

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Jaaam said...

Cute picture the girls say - at least you have the Cook there and she can't get up to anything dodgy over here. We are with Harry, we would have fallen over laughing...... :) :) :)