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Friday, May 15, 2009

I need another plan

The Bee meeting was really interesting. A talk was presented on the way that a Queen Bee organises the hive and lays her brood. The lecturer was Cecil Mercer a ninety year old Bee Keeper with more knowledge about bees then anybody I’ve ever met. He also spoke about the life cycle of the bees and hive – all very interesting stuff.

I’ve noticed a lot of activities lately focused on local producers and local produce. The ABC ran a program from Gundaroo last week covering a lunch featuring local produce, there is a dinner organised for June in Canberra showcasing local producers and a Truffle festival in June-July. These all follow the Harvest Festival and precede the Spring Food and Wine festivals.

I hope that by next year we are ready to start attending these and can start to make an impact in the local food scene.

I wrote a letter (I’ve been doing it a lot lately, one reason I’ve been a bit slack) to Don Henry at Australian Conservation Foundation. I wasn’t happy with the statement he made after the Prime Minister announced the postponement of the ETS, I thought I’d share his reply addressing my concerns,

Dear Martyn

Thank you for being in touch with us about ACF’s position on the Emissions Trading Scheme.

We are glad to have the opportunity to clarify our stance with you.

ACF believes the Government’s announcement to reduce carbon emissions by 25 per cent by 2020 as part of a 450ppm global agreement improves the chances of a good outcome at the critical UN climate negotiations later this year. We therefore regard the stronger conditional 25 per cent target as a significant step forward.

However, we believe much more needs to be done and ACF will continue to push for deeper cuts. ACF remains committed to achieving an Australian target of at least 40 per cent by 2020 in the context of a global agreement or – at minimum – an unconditional national target of 30 per cent by 2020.

We reject the Government’s unconditional five per cent domestic target for reducing emissions, and also its conditional 15 per cent target, as totally inadequate.

We oppose the Government’s one year delay to the start of the emissions trading scheme, the large and proposed increased payments to big polluters and the low fixed starting price of carbon of $10 per tonne.

We will continue to push strongly for improvements to the legislation at every step, and reserve the right to make a call on the proposed legislation as it progresses through the parliamentary process.

ACF is strictly non-party political and will continue to argue its case vigorously with all political parties to achieve the best possible environmental outcomes.

It is absolutely essential that Australia has moved from a position that could have damaged the prospects of a good outcome from Copenhagen. There is a critical lead-up meeting in Bonn beginning on 1 June, so it us useful that the targets were increased now. It is paramount that a good global agreement is reached this year.

The 25% target is viewed internationally as a reasonable Australian contribution to a global agreement to stabilize levels of C02 in the atmosphere at 450 parts per million or less and is the target recommended by Professor Garnaut. This is the bare minimum needed from the Copenhagen climate talks. We do however believe that deeper emission cuts will be needed and ACF will continue to work for stronger domestic and global targets.

ACF will also continue to urge improvements to the legislation as well as strong action to improve energy efficiency and boost large-scale renewable energy projects.
Working collaboratively, ACF played a pivotal role in getting Australia’s target range lifted from 15% to 25%. We do understand that more work is needed and hope that you will continue your vital support in this most critical year.

Yours sincerely


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The Duck Herder said...

doh - i completely forgot about bee club. Cecil is a bit of a character isnt he! My beloved and I have both been stung now - Mr Duck Herder accidently picked up a little princess in the washing and she stung him when he was putting it away. (hopefully he wont develop a fear of bringing in the washing after this...)