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Thursday, May 21, 2009


I sat up late the other night to watch Late Line on the ABC, they had a Ralph Hillman from the Australian Coal Assoc and Richard Dennis from the Australia Institute. They where interviewed about the affect of coal on the environment and Global Warming – you can find it here . It’s an interesting debate and if you can hang out until the end when the camera cuts back to the two interviewee’s you’ll see just how uncomfortable Ralph Hillman was.

I may have found a retail outlet interested in stocking our pork. I was on my way home yesterday and I had to get the dogs a bag of bones. I dropped into the shops and in conversation and mentioned we had a free range pig farm, I told him about what we do and he seemed interested. I’ll have to have another talk to him soon. It would be nice to have a retail outlet.

The Cook is warming her heels in front of the wood stove again today – horrible wintry weather we are having today. She let one of the mother pigs out for a graze, the pig waited until she had gone and jumped straight into the trailer full of acorns. Last time the Cook saw her she was knee deep in acorns happily munching away – now I have to collect more acorns this weekend.

We have a soil conversationalist coming out next week to look at the gully. He’s going to give us some ideas about stabilising it and repairing some of the damage. The gully is about 2.7km long so it’s a considerable amount of work and time will be needed to get it back into order.

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