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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Rain - wonderful rain!

At last – some rain! Overnight we scored a total of 14mm, not a lot but more in a single day then we’ve had since May. Down the road at Michelago – 28km away they had over 50mm, lucky buggers.

Yesterday afternoon I had to attack the fly blown sheep with a syringe of water and blue spray to clear out the infestation in her tail. It was horrible, the damned Cook had decided to go off to work and left me with it, and yes, I did wash my hands before I cooked dinner. Last night I went out to check she was alright, we left her out on the lawn because it was clear and mild, when I got out to her I could she two sets of eye’s in the torch light. By the time I got down to her second set of eyes had gone, at first I had thought it was a goat, but I’m pretty sure it was a fox.

Whilst I was down with the sheep I heard a possum growling in the trees by the river – we haven’t heard that since we left Murrumbateman, and its nice to know they are about.

So now it’s rained we are going to have to be extra careful about fly strike over the next couple of weeks. We also have to watch how the weeds grow through the oats, and the market garden – maybe we will get potatoes.

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Lindsay said...

Glad you have had some rain at last. We are just heading for a cold weekend - but over here cold uusally means dry as well.