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Friday, November 28, 2008

I'll have a half!

It's late Friday night and I've finally struggled to the computer. We had another storm this morning and follow up this afternoon - 15mm more rain altogether. We may make it htrough another summer yet.

Being Friday I had to go into town and get feed. I was about ten minutes out when the cook rang and asked if I had taken the lambs milk powder out of the back before I left - Of course, not! Back I went - which was lucky, I was just about home when I spotted teh old black Lab making his way to the pub again. A good couple of hours before opening - he's keen. So I ducked off the road and stuck him in the back of the jeep.

I got soaked loading the feed into the jeep. Camberra had about 15mm in thirty minutes, it just pelted down (OK - keep it in perspective we are having a drought and I know Queensland gets 15mm in five minutes twice a week).

Everything is green. Remind me one day to tell you all about the TSR - I really hope the Department of Agriculture or the NSW Minister for Agriculture would disolve the RLPB's and hand the TSR's over to the Lands Department. We've landed next too the only TSR in the state that is allowed to be ploughed, and what really makes me mad is the joker who ploughs it half heartedly plants something and then nothing but weeds grow. And because it's on our western boundary - where we get all our prevailing winds from, the seeds blow straight into our place. No place for conservation farming in the old thinking around here! Luckily he's so lazy he dosen't spray the weeds or fertilize or lime the paddock.

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Lindsay said...

My brother flies back to Melbourne today - I think he will be glad to leave damp dreary fog and a temperature of 3C