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Friday, November 14, 2008

No break in the weather

Warm, with a breeze and a little cloud cover – no rain. We are seeing a lot of large clouds move across the sky but not a lot of action out of them. I’ve got a guy coming to pick some pigs tomorrow. Hopefully I can sell ten or more.

That will give me the ability to put in a couple of new fences; one around the quarantine paddock, one down the road side of the truffles and one out the back of the garden – that will keep the pigs contained and out of the veg garden.

The goats have been exploring the rocks out the back. They don’t like staying up there at night, always heading back to the house for a sleep. Funny how they never liked the house paddock before – now they won’t leave it.

Ben has his school fete tonight, that’ll be a trip into Cooma this afternoon for the Cook. She’s in the kitchen now baking up a batch or two of biscuits.


Lynettes blogs said...

for sale one second hand digital camera 2.2mgp Has done us well until it was superceded by the 6mgs.!!!!!!!!

Valley View said...

Thanks Lyn, we have just about sorted the camera thing out - I might even get a new one if I'm lucky!