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Friday, November 21, 2008

Ahhh, what the hell.

I like slow days, days where the world does nothing and you can just drift along – but that doesn’t happen anymore. I attended the NSF AGM last night, only about eight people there, but it was worth while. The committee is going to do a field visit in February, of both Valley View and Billilingra – our next door neighbour.

The Cook sent me a text half way through the meeting, seems she has blown up the oven – great, next to hot water that’s my favourite appliance! This, just after I put the last bit of “spare” money we had on lay-buying a new camera – double bugger. It was funny, the second I gave the young lad at he camera store my money I had a horrible feeling something else expensive was going to break, blow up or die.

The flyblown sheep is getting much better and is walking around the living room now with out the aid of a stick. She still likes her cold tea in the evening and lightly toasted muffins in the morning. The Cook took off early this morning for town – left her travel mug of tea and purse at home – the dill!

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