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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Thawing out

The snow faded as the day wore on but the chill stayed in the air all day. By the time it came to feed the pigs in the evening everybody was hungry. I bought in some Lucerne for the mother pigs to give them extra roughage as the paddocks have now dried off almost bare.

I think I’ll start feeding them a adjust their feeds and put a higher corn ration in and cut back on the wheat. They seem to be doing alright but are starting to lose their summer condition.

The sun has been out all day today and the ground has started to thaw. Hopefully the weather will be fine for the next few days and everybody will recover from the icy blast.

We also did some gardening over the weekend, dug some new beds and planted garlic. The Pigs where free ranging outside the garden fence so we threw them all the tomatoes and zucchini that had fallen on the ground. They loved it, but I think we’ll have tomatoes shooting up across the front paddock for years to come.

I finally was able to replace the old computer yesterday and things should start to pickup soon. I’ve just got to load the new machine with all my software and we are off. Its nice having something new – but I’d rather a tractor, oh well…. I have nothing to complain about really.

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