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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Spinning yarns

Poor old Beryl is losing all her wool - due to her earlier fly blown drama Beryl has started shedding her wool. She's leaving it all over the front lawn, in clumps, sheets and wispy little trails. I love animals! The cooks horse knocked the front off the metre box as well, another thing to fix.

We had 5mm of rain today, three seperate storms past by us and we only recived the edge or tail end of each. Canberra recieved 25mm from what I hear. I love Christmas - Hugh FW is having a marathon on the lifestyle channel - all the River Cottages in one day, twice over.

The wind and rain kept activity slight today so not much to talk about. Tomorrow I hope to get some design for the new pig paddocks done and a little photography out the back - see what happens!

Oh, I managed to pull the pump apart dry it out and get it going again - and only two screws left over!! I'll work out were they go one day.


Carol said...

I really enjoy your blog but please shear you sheep or get someone to shear it. A fly-blown sheep does not loose all its wool only the wool around the area of the fly strike. May 2009 be a great year for you and your family. Carol

Valley View said...

Hi Carol

Yes Shearing the sheep is very high on our priority list - unfortunately getting a shearer this time of year is proving very difficult. Hopefully in the next couple of weeks. cheers!