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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

He's got a sheepish look

So the Oats are going to be ploughed in. Can’t harvest them and their not high enough for making decent straw from – looks like I just bought $5000 worth of mulch! That’s farming. Still – wouldn’t want to be doing anything else, except maybe fishing.

Looks like the fellow who wanted the weaners is back; got a message to call him – luckily I’ve got a whole stack of those to go. There might be a few going locally soon as well – people’s interest is picking up. But I don’t hold my breath. It would be nice to thin them out before Christmas.

The Cook is taking the pony out to inspect the tree seeding we did before the rain – I hope this goes better then the Oats.

There are a few ducks laying at the moment, Ben has been colleting a half dozen eggs a day. I need to find a good recipe for salting them so the Cook can make use of them (luckily she only looks at the pictures!). I think the West Australian set are hiding for some reason – they haven’t commented on anything for weeks!!!!!!!!!!

Nearly forgot The Cook won the door prize at the field day on Sunday - a free years entry into NSW National Parks, that'll be good for next sky season.

I’ve borrowed the Cooks little digital camera I gave her for Christmas – it’s OK for happy snaps, but not as good as my Sony DSC F717 was for hires shots. Today’s picture is of George the poddy lamb.


Jaaam said...

Hey come on we have a life too - you know travelling around the countryside ask the Ley... (does that get you singing that song???)
Have been up to Karratha for a few days but that's another story. Sounds like all is well on the home front - lucky for Harry for those big feet. Catch you later.

Lindsay said...

Love to George

Lynettes blogs said...

Yes well heres a letter to add to your blog.
I will be sending the cook some recipes for Bloodwurst, Liverwurst which uses the pig head, belly flap and liver!!!!
and how to make Bratwurst filling them. Dont forget to collect them from the cleaned intestine yes you will have to collect a cup or two of fresh blood for the bloodwurst
yes a great Xmas down at the pig farm!!!!


Jaaam said...

James said isn't George lucky the oven is broken otherwise he would be over for lamb roast......