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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Fat, dumb and Happy - the wombat, not me!

Yep, well today is going to be one of those days – just ask the Cook! I arose early this morning, needing to stock up on feed for the next few days, I was off to the city. I had just finished showering and dressing and was on my way out, I noticed that Archie was off the chain and George was nowhere to be seen. There was wool struwn all over the back your and I got that horrible feeling that something was wrong.

Archie came round the corner of the cars and I called George, who is usually very vocal first thing, but he didn’t come. Archie didn’t have his “I just ate the chickens” look on his face so I was put a little at ease – but I still wasn’t convinced – something wasn’t right.

Anyway I walked round the front of the house and there I saw it – George, Beryl the fly blown sheep standing near him happily grazing, phew! But I still had that feeling, something wasn’t right, then I saw it, at first I couldn’t focus on what I saw, it was totally alien!

Ben had told me how he had seen a tornado forming in the sky during the storms we had yesterday – yes Ben, I said but we don’t get tornados here. Well, front page of the Canberra Times this morning – in color is a photo taken by Mrs Leckie (see photo here ) down the road – a tornado and only miles from us, obviously Ben was right, he must have seen one forming that didn’t touch down.

Back to the main story, what did I see – the Bredbo River had risen about two metres over night and was flowing from bank to bank, and my pump was in it somewhere!
The night before I had pumped as the new flush from the previous rain had flowed down, we’d left the pump down at he river so I could pump again later. We had received 1mm of rain that day and Cooma had only recorded 11mm. Didn’t seem there had been a lot. It’ll be interesting to talk to either Steve Collins or the Cooks mate Di to see how much fell up at Jerangle and Peak View.

So now when I get home I can spend a couple of hours striping down the pump and cleaning bits before it rusts solid.

The wombat is back – left the usual calling card at the gate – I took a pic of it just to share with you all. You could say it's a poofect picture, illustrating my comments when I realised what had happened to the pump this morning.
Merry Christmas for tomorrow everyone, and if your driving anywhere I hope you have a safe trip. Thanks for all the nice comments about the Blog and can't wait ot see whats instore for next year.

Cheers and ho! HO! Ho!

From all us here at ‘Bredbo Valley View’

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Jaaam said...

Well it's great to hear about the river - where's the picture of Cook wading through the water? Yes we need to start believing what our childen tell us because a lot of the time it is the truth - all knowledgable one as Ben is. I was just saying to the girls yesterday that it would be great to see the Gascoyne River run prior to leaving here in January - you never know with the cyclone up north and the lows around.

Wishing everyone at the Bredbo Valley View Farm a Happy Christmas and best wishes for the year ahead and for more exciting blogging.