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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Escaping pigs

I got quite a surprise this morning. Walked out of the house to run into town and pick up the bread, normal sort of Tuesday thing. I got to the back gate and noticed that the rubbish bin had been knocked over and garbage was spread right across the lawn. As I walked out of the gate and picked my way through the bin contents I noticed something familiar – yet strange.

Across the entire area we use to park the cars was a mass of black lumps – it was very early. I stopped for a second to have a second look when I realised it was all of our pigs. Somehow they had escaped from their paddocks and decided to spend the night asleep on the lawn.

As nice and cute as it all sounds they were now standing between me and their breakfast – holy @&%^# Batman. A mad dash across the paddock and a leap into the back of the trailer I started throwing bread out into their paddocks to lure them back – it was a brilliant idea and worked a treat! So luckily I survived.

George the lamb is getting better now as well. He was sick for a few days and we thought we would lose him, but luckily he’s fine.


Jaaam said...

Civilian life has dulled the sensors has it? An ever vigilant trooper would have noticed the trained assassins lurking at stratigic locations on your daily route. Had the pigs caught you with their numbers, no matter how big the hole the cook would need to dig, I would say that they would have devoured you in seconds as you hadn't worked off those scones yet.

Valley View said...

Yes but I'm in better condition then Rambo, those pigs just faded into the grass once they realised who it was.