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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Sowing circles

Next on the list of activities was Corn planting. We are doing a little experiment with the corn to see how well it grows here, hopefully we can grow enough to use for pig feed. All the corn we get at the moment comes in bags as you would expect, so it’s off the cob and dried. We noticed last year that the pigs loved to eat the corn stalks and cobs just as much as the grain. Being easy to store – in the field – it may be just as easy, but less resource intensive to feed the corn to them stalks and all.

Anyway, we’ve planted a fair amount of the stuff now so we’ll wait and see. Of course the kids are just a great help when it comes to these types of activities and a very willing to come out and give as hand. Both Ben and Harry played pivotal roles in ensuring every seed was planted at just the right depth.


Jaaam said...

What's with the Crocs - where's the boots? Well we are back from the big smoke - not a bad drive 900km to get there for a few back and then had the trek back. James survived the shopping...

Jaaam said...

well forgot to put in a few Days... though it is worthwhile to see what we are not really missing in the rat race.