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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

More pigs gone.

It was all yeee haa!!!!!! and ride'em cowgirl yesterday on the farm. Calamity Jane rode off too the lucerne paddock and brought back the bull. Having successfully relocated him back to his own paddock she drove the sheep out into the gully for a couple of weeks - I hear that Phoe the horse is about to renegotiate her workplace agreement.

We had rain last night - about another half a millimetre, takes our total up to 39.5mm for the past three months. Our average for those three months is usually about 110mm. So things are looking a little dry for the coming summer and it's already getting warm. We're hoping that at least the warmth will bring some storms - which although hit and miss sometimes are beteer then nothing.

The Cook has another lot of eggs in the incubator, and I sold another few pigs last night as well - that's nearly twenty of the thirty piglets gone. I found out last night that he NSW Department of Health has put out a snake warning - appearently there are a lot around this year and earlier then normal, I hadn't noticed.

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