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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Viva Bella!

Yes, I'm late - sorry, but things are busy. Today we continue with the introductions to our farm animal stars. Today's star is 'Bella' the Cow. Bella is a New Zealand Jersey cow, from what we know she is about five years old and has had three calves. We have her fist two calves - neither of which have names. This is because we plan to sell one and eat the other - shock! horror!

Bella has been milked, but she doesn't like it - but that will change. Our resident milk maid, and girl with a bucket, assures me of that. Bella also has a nasty habit of kicking the bucket, switching the tail and gauging eyes with her tongue. We love her because she is her own women, as much as a cow can be a women.

So there you are - 'Bella', the Cow.

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