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Tuesday, August 19, 2008


What a wintery old day! I had to go into town to pick up some supplemental feed for the pigs, it was a rather cool morning and as is usual for this time of year everything was frozen. I took the feeds out to the sows and tried to pour them on to the ground; out it all came in a lump strait onto my frozen toes – ouch!!! One of the sows decided that she would jump up and try to scoff herself stupid right out off the bucket and got her head stuck in it – I had to chase her around the yard and rescue the bucket. Finally I got off to town and picked up the feed, I needed to find out about summer barley and oats seed as well.

By the time I made it back it was dark and the kids were home from school. They had forgotten to tell the bus driver they needed to be dropped off and ended up in Bredbo, luckily our neighbour from across the river drove them back to the farm – which was really nice of her.

It snowed in Bredbo during the afternoon – so it was rather cold when I got home as well. But there was 2mm of rain in the rain gauge.

We started to unload the feed at about 7:00pm, in the dark, not that we our renown for doing things the hard way. By the time we had finished, and to the background gentle sounds of happy snoring pigs, the frost began settling and the fog was making its eerie way down along the river valley.

As I went to bed I could see from the bedroom window the fog had settled and was illuminated by the brightest full moon. None of this helped me get to sleep, I had been ‘warned’ by the cook that if I snored tonight I’d be one very sorry lad come morning.

To my surprise, I was awoken by the alarm at six AM and greeted by the heaviest frost so far this month. Everything was white, frozen or frosty in other words, brass monkey cold. Luckily the pigs can be fed late today and all the waters were filled last night.

Today’s photo is of the gate post down near the bus stop – it’s a good example of how cold it was.

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