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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Moon over Bredbo

The full moon has gone, that means it’s a month until we start to spring plant – how exciting. The overall trend this winter seems to have been for warmer mornings, with any luck this means we won’t have any late frosts. Our ploughed area adjacent to the house was given its second discing by the tractor man yesterday and now looks really good.

Our resident chief vegetable grower is keen to get started so I’ll be off to collect rabbit poo all weekend form down the road. But the forecast is for a cold one so I don’t know how much outside work will actually get done.

The eggs are moving well and seem to be a hit with people around the place, hopefully that will be the same with the pork when it starts. I have to pick up more feed today- which seems like a never ending job sometimes. The little chickens are doing well, we’re down to 12 I think, there have been a few deaths in the brood box, but the remaining ones all seem strong and well.

We have a wombat that keeps leaving “gifts” at the front gate, he must squeeze under it when he goes on his evening strolls. I don’t mind that he leaves these things lying around – but he does it right were I stand when I open the gate. Maybe if I spray the area with chillies it might move him along a bit. Maybe its just what wombats do during a full moon.

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Jaaam said...

Better watch out - the chillies may make the situation worse.

Love the photo.