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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Ruby Tuesday

Well, I missed yesterday - sorry about that. We got rather busy and hectic here, so I wasn't able to post. What a weekend, we had to pickup feed from down the road, it was bitterly cold and the cook was on strike. I spent most of the remainder of the day mixing feeds and loading straw into the pigs house. Sunday was a beautiful day, warm and sunny, the pigs spent the day lounging in the fields, sleeping and wallowing. I occupied myself with clearing away more of the scrap iron from around the place - I've nearly filled our fifth skip from the steel yard.

Good old Snappy is nearly ready to pop with her latest load of piglets, I was hoping to get a picture of her today but I took some of the sunrise instead. By the size of her there must be at least ten piglets coming. Rose, one of the other sows from the same trio, is close to farrowing as well, but not sure of the exact day.

The head gardener is keen for me to pig proof the garden area this weekend so she can get her potatoes into the ground, I've also been tasked to pickup a 50kg bag of seed potatoes from the feed store for planting as well. I might get two and use one for growing some pig food potatoes.

We are getting a visitor from the West at the end of the week, got a few good jobs lined up for him - might do some before and after shots. We have an old pig sty at the front of the property that needs demolishing to make way for some berries and pumpkins - not sure, but I think we may need to evict a wombat as well.

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