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Monday, April 6, 2009

Where's my Karma???

Gosh, alot happened over the past couple of days. It started on Friday, Yvonne rang me because she was worried about the damage that Buzz's cattle where doing to our water hole. I rang him later on and asked him nicely if he could move the cattle away from the river. I ddin't feel very nieghbourly - but it's the only water we have. We ended up getting close to 11mm of rain that night.

On Saturday Ben and I travelled into town to pick up the new toy - it's red and it's supposed to suck up acorns! We took it for a test run down at one of the parks. It dosen't work the way we expected it too, but it does clear away all the trash so we can get to thet acorns alot easier, so the battle was half won. Plus the cook will get bags of compost from it.

Sunday I had an appointment to pick up some cheap feed at Royalla, so off I tottled. Got down the highway and decided I needed some fuel and pulled into the local independant fuel guy. I ran into a feelow I'd met earlier in the week who also owned a Jeep. He pointed out a leak under the vehicle and a cloud of white smoke coming form under the bonnet. We had a closer look and discovered one of the transmission lines had ruptured. I grab a couple of hose clamps and a piece of hose and we repared it right there - like something out of "bush mechanics". So off I went only ten minutes late, when I arrived I opened up the back of the trailer and the hinge broke - lovely. I finally was on my way home when I passed a mates place and noticed he had some sheep on the highway. It was half way up a steep hill so I couldn't stop. I pulled up at his driveway and walked the 2km up his drive - his kids where on the internet so the phone wasn't working. I finally made it home, a couple of hours later.

As I was driving up to teh house I notice a large pile of sand where our pump used to be. I went down to have a closer look - I couldn't for the ife of me work out what had happened. As I made it down to the water hole I could see it had been dug right out and a fence of cattle panels erected around it. The pump as sitting on a nice sand ledge and the hole was brimming with water.

The Cook had wanted me to clean out the water hole from teh mess the cows had made. So I went up to the house and asked her to come down and have a look. She couldn't believe her eye's. Buzz had come down the day before with a loader and cleaned the whole mess up that he cattle had made and fenced it off. The trade off is that he can keep his cattle on the river.

I drove around that afternoon and dropped off a bottle of wine and thankyou in appreciation for what he had done.

Others things happened as well, a run in with the snake, ducks and chicken stuff, I fed the pigs acorns for dinner which they love. The pig yard was quite for over an hour while they ate about sixty kg of acorns. More happened but I can't remmeber right now.

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Jaaam said...

Come on just shoot the 4 wheeler and put it out of it's and our misery........