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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

How many is enough?

A slight misunderstanding left me with no workers last night or this morning – which was a real pain. I didn’t get into the house until 9pm last night after feeding and preparing the feeds for the morning. The Cook was at work, and I could half sense the smugness in her voice when she heard what had happened – BUT I STILL LOVE YOU…..

It’s our wedding anniversary in a few days and I still haven’t worked out what I’ll get her. It’s only been twenty years so it’s not a big one. I’m thinking about getting her a new broom or maybe a ……- better stop there, I don’t want to give away any secrets.

I hope the kids are back tonight – they do a good share of the morning and evening chores and you sure do notice when they aren’t there. Of course it’s Tuesday so I had to pick up bread this morning. It was raining when I left home, not a lot, but enough to keep things fresh.

Ben starts soccer again in May, which means Saturday mornings are pretty well written off. But it’s the only sport he likes so it’s good to see him doing something active and in a team environment.

There are so many things to do sometimes I don’t know where to start – we should have had more kids! I can’t seem to talk the Cook into doing more child bearing, which is a shame. I’m sure she’s not past it yet. (I’m going to be killed for this – just wait and see). Nine would probably be a good number, then we’d have three for out side chores, three for farm work and three for house work. I could go to the pub! I wonder if I took the Cook to the pub?

Speaking of the pub – you guessed it; Archer ended up there on Monday. The Cook was supposed to go to the Field Day on the TSR; unfortunately she let the dog off and he did a runner. She found him on the front veranda of the pub half an hour later – he’d obviously forgotten it was closed on Mondays now.

There is another Field Day on this Friday across the river. I should go; it’s for Friends of the Grasslands and local grasslands expert David Eddies is speaking. I think the theme for this one is sustainable native pastures so it will probably be of some benefit.


Mad Bush Farm said...

Well I don't want to be you when the cook finds out about the more kids part. Bummer on the workers hope they'll be all happy tomorrow for you. Kids and sports on Saturday definitely makes a change from day to day farm routine. My two youngest are out on the farm chasing a turkey right now. They won't catch it of course. Rain you need so do we. More today thank goodness the grass won't be growing at snail pace anymore - I hope.

Look after yourself and the cook (and the kids too)


Jaaam said...

Boy oh boy, for starters every anniversary is a big one esp if you remember it. Then there's the broom comment - you'd better start digging that big hole and make sure it is big enough. James says nothing worse than laying in your fox hole and then when the sh.t starts flying then you realise it isn't big enough. You could always give her a lovely foal to go with the rest or maybe a new oven?????
Hi to everyone. JAAAM