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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Don't let the crazy things scare you

There are days when I return to the farm and wonder just what has gone on. I arrived home yesterday, with the trailer and bread, and things were in full chaos. The Cook was trying to fill the pig’s giant trough with a small bucket, the horses and goats were trying to break into the pig pens, a couple of pigs had broken out, the kids were running around the dog was barking at something and piglets were squealing for food. I stopped and I looked; I took it all in and thought to myself – at least I was in the jeep, I could still lock all the doors and keep the crazy people out.

The piglets have been evicted. They have spent their last comfortable, warm, dry and well nourished night in the house. This will make the Cook very happy. Specially seeing we have dinner guests, or potential victims, expected tomorrow night.

Part of the problem yesterday was the electric fence wasn’t working properly. The problem, as usual wasn’t one single issue but a number of small things that accumulate until the energiser just cannot cope. I think I have convinced myself that I need one of those nifty electric fence fault finders. I have looked at these before and always baulked at the price – they are more expensive than some of the energisers, but I think it’s time to bite the bullet and stop trying to find problems by torch light.

We did have a little more rain this morning – if that’s what you can call it. Two days of drizzle and barely a single millimeter in the gauge. I’d love to be getting just some of the 500mm reported in some parts of NSW. Our total rainfall for March was 37mm which is about half the average. The back two thirds of the farm missed the 28mmm we had earlier so it was down to just 9mm – less then a quarter. There is absolutely no moisture in the ground, all around the district trees are dying and people who have plantations or orchids are finding new trees dying daily. It takes almost four years for ground water to catch up to rainfall so we are seeing the effects of the 2003-6 drought at the moment. I can’t imagine what it’ll be like in 2012 – but I know it will be far worse in Canberra then here. Their dams are at 42% and dropping and ground water is a significant part of their supply.


Mad Bush Farm Crew said...

Your farm is starting to sound like mine. Trans-Tasman cousins I'd say. Electric fences are a pain when they aren't working properly. Doesn't help when there's no moisture in the ground to keep the current sorted out on the earthing rods. That low rain fall level is a serious concern. We've had lower than normal rainfall here as well but not like you're having. The economic impact on the entire region must be devastating. I'll keep my fingers crossed you'll get some better rainfall and soon.

All the best

Lindsay said...

Talking of rain - this March here in the Uk we have had less than half our normal average. My rain gauge totalled 27mm for March.

Your pigs sound as if they have a happy chaotic life!

The Duck Herder said...

Poor Mr Bredbo Valley View Farm. This post reminds me of the times I am SO busy at work, I sit in the car in the carpark underneath the office crocheting untill I have the spiritual fortitude to go in and face the day!

I have been in Goulburn for the past 2 days, and can you believe it - there has been RAIN on and off for the past 24 hours. AMAZING.

I would LOVE to also get some of that northern rain (well really, we'd take it from any direction I reckon!)

take care and surrender to the chaos