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Monday, July 28, 2008

Straw for the pigs

Well as it's getting rather cold I decided to call Dennis and get some round bails of straw for the pigs. I hooked up the big trailer and off I went. We had a little trouble getting the bails opnto the trailer at first, Dennis ended up pushing the car and trailer down the hill trying to get the bails on.

By the time the two bails were loaded, and we'd tied them down, I think IO was at my 2 tonne limit. Getting back out onto the highway was a nightmare, the roads were jammed with snow traffic - I really shouldn't do this stuff on the weekends.

I got the straw home and I couldn't get it off the trailer, it was stuck tight. So me and the eldest spent the rest of the rather sunny and fine afternoon unloading it bit by bit straight into the pigs shelters. The pigs thought this was great! There's still plenty of grain left in the straw so they spent the afternoon snuffling underneath it.

By 10:00pm that night, and another cold one too, they were all happily fast asleep, didn't hear a peep. Which was good because we had weined the latest piglets that morning as well.

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