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Thursday, July 31, 2008

A beautiful morning in Bredbo

Well, apparently I spelt weaner wrong – more then once, for this I am sorry. Yesterday was a beautiful day out here, sunny and warm. My lovely wife, whom I can no longer name, has been working hard on the garden and it’s looking great.
We are still trying to plan out our conservation and preservation work. Bush Heritage has given us some ideas to ponder, but it’s still up to us how we proceed. Good news is that one of the neighbours is getting involved which will totally change the dynamics of what we can achieve on one part of the property.

I’m sorry there is no caption with the photos. Most of them would appear to be self explanatory; today’s picture is of the Travelling Stock Route (TSR) adjacent to our property. We are waiting to see what the Department of Lands decides to do with this mid next year now they have been transferred from the Rural Lands Protection Board.

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