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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Slow down..............

I had the chance to talk to Daryl Deuschers near Stanwell yesterday – he’s an interesting fellow. He has a rare breed turkey farm where he grows and processes both common and rare breed birds for commercial sale. He was talking to me about his concerns because people don’t understand what the value is in free range or rare/heritage breed. He has an awful time getting people to even buy them from him for the table regardless of how good they are. So, I’m going to get some turkeys off of Daryl – just need to work out how?

A Lot of people don’t know that Turkeys were being farmed by the Native Americans before Columbus. It’s sad to see that the viability of a species like this, and there are more than one, rests on the single issue of wether or not people would eat it. I suppose it like fashion and music there is no such thing as personal taste or styles anymore its all about commonality and trends.

Biodiversity doesn’t have to only concern native species, I know in Australia there is a hang up about native verses introduced species. People get flustered about ferals and weeds and don’t understand that domesticated stock is part of our food or agricultural biodiversity.

Personally I still have problems understanding people’s belief that intensively farming animals is justifiable and proper. The only obvious reason it is necessary is because of mans over-urbanisation and overpopulation; and it’s only going to get worse – in both instances. I could go on about the things but I would just upset the Cook – and now my Dad (Hi..!!!) reads this I have to be extra careful.

The article I posted yesterday goes some way to explain how entrenched the ideas that food assembly lines or factories are the answer and that animal welfare isn’t a consideration when people are food shopping. I know the sample size was small, but it is sad to think people can be so unconcerned about the single most important thing in their life.

In contrast, I had lunch with a group from PNG today; they were very entertaining and friendly. But, when you talk to them about their priorities, it’s not a plasma TV or new car or even a mobile phone, it’s about food. Either, having enough and being able to share with family and friends or having good food, fresh from the garden and straight into the table. I really enjoyed talking to them and hearing their stories about how they prepared and enjoyed their pigs. I’d be a rich man in Moresby; they told me I would easily get 900 Kina for a good grower pig. (hmmm…900 Kina x 60 x $AUS = $$$$$$$$$) But, it’s more then just the money.

If you jump over to the Duck Herder’s Blog you’ll see a brilliant example of how someone can regain that connection with the realities of food and the seasons. The world needs more Duck Herders, Dave’s and Hughes and Cooks. I must print off Mrs Duck Herder’s recipe and get the Cook to chase up some nettles – I’m sure I saw some in the pig paddocks on the weekend and I think she has been busting to try them.

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