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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Back again

The weeks I take pigs to Sydney are long ones. It’s only Wednesday and already I’m looking towards the weekend. So what’s been happening? Saturday I spent running around getting feed and dropping off a Turkey and feeding greens to the pigs.

The Cook reluctantly headed off to work for an extra shift on Saturday night, which left all of us boys at home alone. Sunday we started slowly, it was cold, but by lunch time we had post holes dug and pigs feeds made and the garbage taken to the dump. Whilst loading rubbish into the trailer I bashed my face into one of the trailers cross bars – no permanent damage, to the trailer. I saw stars and a bit of blood, but luckily I was ugly to start with – the Cook didn’t even notice.

At lunch time we were presently surprised to find the river had risen a few feet and was flowing for the first time since spring. The Cook suddenly realised she’d left the pump by the river and bolted down to the water hole to retrieve the thing – luckily the water hadn’t risen sufficiently to cause the pump to be submerged.

It was an early start Monday with two pigs off to be processed. One of them ended up dressing out at 93kg, a little more then I had anticipated, the other at 71kg. On the way into Sydney I hit a kangaroo, mainly panel damage and knocked out the blinker, I still need the steering to be checked as I think I may have bent a steering rod or something as well – but the Jeep keeps going. Skippy didn’t make it.

That evening I picked up some green feed and Dave presented me with a freshly killed and butchered sheep. I was quite amazed at his generosity. When I walked into the house with it Ben was rapped, he wanted fresh lamb chops for dinner and nothing else. Ben has been a little disappointed because we’ve done four pigs and he hasn’t tasted one yet. On Sunday we had somebody out here rabbit shooting, Ben wanted him to leave one here so he could try it – but he only managed to shoot one and wanted that for himself.

By the time I arrived home Monday it was 7:00pm and I still had to feed the kids, make up feeds for the next day, unload the trailer so I could pickup bread the next morning and pack the sheep away. By the time the Cook and I got to bed we were knackered.

When I arrived home Tuesday evening I found that a number of pigs that have escaped due to the electric fence not working had discovered the green feed. I had fenced it off with sheep panels, but they moved those and had a lovely feast of fresh fruit and veg. I am hoping the Cook has managed to get them back in today – their all sleeping in the meadow hay under the shearing shed and seem completely happy to wonder around the farm all day grazing and snoozing in the sun.

Bee meeting tomorrow night - don't forget Duck Lady.......

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