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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Cooks day off

Poor old Cook. She had a day off yesterday – sort of. She started out having to complete all the chores because the boys had gone off to a friend’s for a sleep over. By the time she had finished those she noticed that the horses were down in the river again so she went off to fetch them back, on the way she lost the sheep. Poor old George doesn’t like getting his feet wet so he wouldn't cross the river.

It turned out, once she got down there, that one of the horses had hurt itself. So she needed to look after that first and later went back for the others. Then she went looking for the sheep – which of course had already returned to the house paddock – but it took her an hour of searching to find that out. Once everything was settled at home, she had to take a trip into Cooma and get our car in for repair and do a little shopping.

She finally arrived home – much later then intended, just in time to feed the animals. By the time I arrived home she was in the kitchen cooking dinner for the two of us – what a women, what would I do with out her?

Anyway, she had left the preparation for the next mornings feeds up to me – and rightly so. So I spent a while doing before dinner. Then we both sat down and watched Australian Story and Peter Andrews whilst enjoying a delicious curry.

I had arrived late home. I’d had to drop something off on my way and thought I’d take a long cut. I’d never been down the ‘Angle Road’ before and it was definitely something I shouldn’t have done at night. I had the car and trailer going side ways around corners and missed turnoffs – nearly ended up in a paddock once! I haven’t been on a road with corrugations that bad for years.

Then on the way down the highway I had to wait a while because of an accident. A four wheel drive had rolled off the road avoiding a kangaroo whilst travelling to the snow.

This morning on my way to pick up bread I was passed by a fellow in a ute just before Williamsdale, he passed me on a pretty dangerous spot and wasn’t going slow. I caught up to him a bout three kilometres later pulling a kangaroo out of his radiator – he wasn’t going to get to work today. I am amazed at the speeds people travel at on the highway this time of year. The sides of the road are littered with car debris and dead kangaroos – you’d think it would be obvious.


Lynettes blogs said...

Send the cook for a long holiday perhaps Cairns. She deserves it.
Glad the farm is running smoothly
Luv Lyn

Valley View said...

Can't send the cook away - I'd starve. She's the back bone of our whole operation, and who'd look after me and the feral children????

RockWallaby said...

What are you trying to earn some brownie points?