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Monday, January 12, 2009

Click go the Shears

Shearing is done! It took nearly all weekend, but it’s done. The first bale of Valley View wool is off to the buyer and I still have to clean out the shed. The mustering was the fun part – because it rained. We had eight people helping muster, I had the Cook and her sister and Malcom had his two dogs – must say I might get myself a couple of dogs, they work better then the two girls I had and you only have to whistle – not stop and explain why you want them to go up there, or block that gap or stay and they don’t stagger around all Sunday creaking and groaning (it’s ok the Cook doesn’t have time to read this right now).

It was an early start Sunday and the work didn’t end until well after dark. I’d forgotten how hard shearing and the associated work is, luckily it only happens once a year. There’s a lot of work that needs to be done on the shearing shed and yards. I want to get myself a welder so I can build a good steel set of yards, I’ve probably got a year to get the most important jobs done – which I’ll probably start a week before it’s next shearing.

The kids help out and, as usual, did their best. Couldn’t really do it all on our own so we are lucky to have them around.

I picked up Georges’ new girlfriend Friday afternoon in Yass. She wasn’t very impressed and is now up in the ewes paddock with the rest of the sheep. She stayed with George for a little while, but I think George is a little young for her.

We did get a little over 9mm of rain for the weekend. But a lot of the storms missed us either side – yet again. Unfortunately there was a lot of lightning which is dangerous this time of year. After the rain on Sunday afternoon I went to check the sheep and make sure they had settled down OK. I only found a dozen or so, but they all seemed ok, the rest have headed for the gullies and hill tops – I did see two foxes, both heading towards the house.

And guess what we had for dinner Sunday night – Roast leg of Lamb, well done Cook.


Lynettes blogs said...

Glad you got the sheep shorn.Yes a couple of trained sheepdogs will do it. THe visit of cooks sister, wouldnt know one end of the sheep to the other!!!!Send them for thier holiday they deserve it
in the 40.s tomorrow and no rain even Bredbo is doing better

Lindsay said...

Lovely photos. Overnight in Wiltshire, UK, we had 8mm rain. The first rain we have had for over a month - that is a good result for England!!!
PS: The word verification for this comment is "onsio" which sounds a bit like your onions!!