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Friday, January 2, 2009

The fox returns

We had visitors today, Kev, Judy and Christine - It's always good to see these guy's. They come out every now and then for a look around and BBQ. I took Kev for the Cooks Tour around the farm, we went around most of tbe boundary and up to the high spots with the best views. Christine fed George fromn the bottle and thought that was just great and now wants to start some chooks off in her own back yard - great idea.

On the farm side we had the pony yarded for a couple of weeks due to her overeating problem, she's slimed right down and now looks a lot better, she was very happy to be released back out with her mates this afternoon. The Goslings are spending their first night alone out in the chook pen. The dogs chased off a fox this evening so I hope they will be alright. We lost another chicken and rooster to the foxes this morning as well - just can't win with the damned things. The boy's and I even went bow hunting yesterday afternoon but saw no trace of a fox.

The apricot tree is providing a bountiful harvest. We've had our first fruit off it this year and they are just devine. The cook was planning on making some jam, but she can't stop eating them. Of course Shadow, the dog, waits under the tree all day to snaffle the ones that drop before the Cook can pick them.
We were lucky enough to get a double load of bread this week which has made the pigs very happy, lots to eat and drink - they'll think it's Christmas!

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