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Monday, July 21, 2008

Natural Heritage

Preservation of natural habitat and conservation of natural resources don’t usually go side by side with farming. But being able to conserve our natural heritage means a lot to us. We’ve got more land then we need to achieve our aims. We also have limited resources restricting what we could get done, so we started looking around for help. Our goal is to conserve and restore as much land as we can, but still have it available for grazing when feed is tight.

I went to a Bredbo Land Care meeting where the local coordinator for the Bush Heritage Trust was giving a presentation on the Kosciusko to the Coast project (K2C). After the meeting I had a talk to her about becoming involved, they were very keen to have a look, and have been out to the property doing a number of plant surveys since.

The Ecologist who is conducting the survey always manages to come out on the worst days. Of course, he’s out there today and the forecast is for snow. Apparently it’s colder in Bredbo then it is in Tasmania where he comes from. But we love his visits, least we know when it’s going to rain for sure.

Other things we are working on include the processes of having the property declared a Flora and Fauna Sanctuary by the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service. Having Greening Australia help planting some paddock trees on the western side of the property. Next is trying to get Land Care involved in helping to fix the river banks and feeders.

Remember Tree Day 27 July – plant a tree or two!

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