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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Cold, Foggy and -3.0

Cold and foggy this morning! We had a little bit of rain last night, less than a millimetre, just after dusk - I thought it might snow. When I got out to the car this morning all the doors had frozen shut – I had pig feed in the back I needed to get out. By the time I had the car open I’d woken all the pigs.

The fog wasn’t that thick, you could see the blue sky peering through. It’ll probably be another glorious Bredbo winters day. The snow has gone off the ranges which is different to last year when it hung around for weeks. Yvonne will be happy; she’ll be able to get into the garden for a few hours today.


Jaaam said...

Good to see you let Yvonne out for a few hours each day.
We still want bacon. It will stop you from waking up the pigs.

Valley View said...

Well thanks Fowkes!! She is allowed out, but only when her inside jobs are done. Keep watching for more updates! You'll be on here soon enough.