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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Sleep walking piglets

We are working up to the NSF Field Day at the moment. I have to finish the pig shelters tomorrow, get he roofs on and the sides and then have a quick cleanup. It was a pity we didn’t get time to have a pig ready for it.

The weather forecast is for hot weather the next couple of days then a cool change. The weather channel is forecasting a change from 35Deg C down to 12Deg C over a couple of days.

The Cook wasn’t totally happy with me yesterday either! She read the Blog – enough said. She did enjoy her course out at Gunning. She’s ready to give the Biodynamic Farming a go now she is a little more familiar with the practices and application of the theory. I suspect this will mean more work for me, but as long as she is happy – I get fed.

Anyway, it would appear that she has volunteered us for a Biodynamic Field Day of our own in November – so stay tuned.

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