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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Almost stuck at home

At the end of the day it’s how you feel inside that matters most. I was in the middle of Wednesday Morning Breakfast when I received a call from the Cook – she makes sure I take my phone everywhere, which I hate. And those that are familiar with the Blog will know the problems we’ve been having with the Jeep.

“The car won’t start” she says,
“That’s no good” I reply – she has to go to work and drop the kids off at the Bus, she’s always late, so this is important.
“You’ll need to find the air filter under the bonnet” I say,
“I found it” she says,
“Now get a bottle fill it with petrol and pour about 50ml into the small pipe”
“OK” She goes off and does what I’ve told her and comes back,
“What next?”
“Go around the back of the car and bang on the fuel tank a couple off times with something heavy” now, this doesn’t do anything except make her feel good.
“What now?” she asks
“Get in and drive”

She was so happy that she can now fix the car, a little more independence!

Todays picture is of the pig that was trapped under the trailer on Sunday – he was a big one, not one of the new piglets.


Lindsay said...

Like the picture! Your title to your post also refers to us today here in North Wilts, UK. We are stuck at home due to the snow (see my blog) for the moment. Gritters did not come along to our village and another unexpected snowfall overnight has made driving difficult. I walk with crutches and the only safe place is the field behind us filled with lovely snow!

Jaaam said...

You are such a bugger.......I won't repeat what James said, he can tell you when you next speak with him.