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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

This is not what you need on a Monday
So, I picked up my car from the panel beaters on Friday, the front end all fixed from my short, but deverstating interlude with a wombat.  I needed to pickup feed on Monday so I hooked up the trailer and headed off.  I got to within cooee of town when the truck began to swerve across the road flicking the trailer about and scarring the hell out of me.

I did notice one of my wheels passed me as I was trying to control the beast, also thought that this was not going to end well.  I finbally managed to pull the vehicle up off the road, 500m from where I hit teh wombat, I don't kow what the truck and dog loaded with 20tons of gravel that was right behind me thought - but he never slowed down. 

I need to go back to the spot and have a look around - maybe I'm being drawn to that spot by some kind of force that wants me to see something????

I then spent 6.5hrs awaiting a tow truck due to an adminsitrative error with my road side service, it was only 36 degs, nothing to get hot under the collar about.  It wasn't wasted - I did help a cuple change teh tyre on their trailer and they lent me thier phone to call the cook :)

I'm not sure why this came off, cold be something to do withthe wombat strike, somebody took it off and didbn;t put it back on propery during repairs, somebody trying to steal the tyre (brand new) I don;t know.  All I do know is that I'm in for another round with the insurance company from hell - QBE.



Old Nev said...

maybe it's them flamin zombies!

catherine roberts said...

Oh dear God how scarey,we got cauht years ago with having new tires fitted at Bob Janes in Dubbo,they didnt tighten the nuts, thanks fully two hours later on the road home Hubby asked to stick my head out and check rear wheel,it was about to drop off