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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Sleep well?

Finally I worked out how the pigs were escaping. The battery on the electric fence was flat as a tack – I’ve changed it now. The solar panel was giving enough charge to click the energiser over but that was it. So I’m hoping when I get home tonight all the pigs are securely contained within their paddocks.

We fixed the piglets escape route as well and that should stop them taking liberties around the garden, luckily the blighters are only small and don’t eat a lot yet. I also found time to fix a few problems with the Chook pen and all I need to do now is install another row of wire and that’s finished.

Water is still the issue and with any luck the path of Cyclone Hamish will push further south and we’ll get one of those terrific tropical low rain events. We can only wish.

The Cook spent most of Monday making sauces and Tomato bases out of the tomatoes she had picked out of the garden. We had a light frost last week; so putting what tomatoes we have to good use is important before they all go bad.

We had a win with the fox hunters. I went out with them on Friday night, we shot one just 300 metres from the house, but another two escaped – we’ll get those two sooner or later.

Sitting down to dinner the other night, Ben was talking about a topical issue; I think it was the price of gold. He said – “back in the olden days, when everybody lived like us” as they say, from the mouth of babe’s. So poor old Ben thinks we live in the olden days, in our tumbled down cottage on our drought stricken land with our daily battle against the elements and nature. He doesn’t know how lucky he is.
It did rain on Monday – very lightly, about 1mm in total; it was gone by the time the sun came back out.

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