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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Road kill.

Today I’m a bit of a celebrity – at least in the eye’s of a couple of people here. I met two blokes from the PNG highlands this morning, their here doing a job on the conservation and heritage listing of the Kokoda Track. We got talking and I mentioned I had almost 100 pigs. Their eye’s opened as wide as dinner plates and they nearly fell over, one of them told me I was the riches man he’d met – if only he knew!! I suppose the Cook would have put him strait.

Road kill has infiltrated my life today. Luckily we haven’t had to resort to eating it, although I am cooking tonight. But, back to the topic; a couple of weeks ago I noticed somebody had hit a rather large black pig, on the Monaro Highway, just outside Canberra. Yesterday, about ten kilometres further down the road, another big black pig has been hit. Obviously it had done a significant amount of damage to the vehicle that had hit it due to the wreckage at the scene. Both of these pigs where killed on the southern slope of dry gullies that cross the highway. The pig I saw the other day was also on the southern side of the river. I don’t know if this is significant, I suppose this may be to do with moving along the warmer ground.

There have also been a significant number of foxes killed on the road lately – I drive a lot, I need something to do. Autumn is the dispersal season for foxes; the young foxes which have grown over summer period are pushed away by their mothers. They move out to find there own hunting areas and territory – which is why they tend to cross roads and come in contact with humans more then other times of the year.

As I headed down the road this morning, counting dead foxes, I was lucky enough to come across our local wedge tail family having breakfast on the side of the road. I tried to quickly turn around and get a good picture of them – but a truck from the sand quarry was right behind me and frightened them off. They only move a hundred metres into the tree line. I took a couple of pictures, but without a good zoom lenses the quality is a little shabby.

Thanks for all the comments, I don’t always get time to respond. Also, hello and welcome to those who follow our Blog.

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Lindsay said...

Road kill at the moment round this neck of the woods are pheasants. Mostly males, must be due to the coming of spring and the urge to find a hen bird.