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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The river returns

Golly gee whiz – I got all excited and forgot that I hadn’t done anything yesterday. Good news is the river is flowing again and we have clean clear water. I dragged the pump down onto the river last night and started pumping as soon as I noticed the water was flowing.

Mr Fox appears to have been feeding on our pullets again. I counted them on Friday and there were eighteen – come Sunday night there were only five. We weren’t out side all weekend because of the rain, but we were out most of it. The fellow down o the village hasn’t called yet about going out shooting, I’ll have to give him a ring.

The chap who was supposed to be buying my piglets hasn’t called either. However I did notice he has his tractor for sale on allclassifieds- might be something going on there I don’t know about.

Harry, well what can I say, Harry has been bringing home his exams from school over the past few days. Needs a little work in some areas, but at least he is passing. Reading his answers I can see a very strong resemblance to the type of exam answers I gave as a High School student - this is going to be one scary ride for his mother!

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