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Monday, November 24, 2008

Rain, hail, ice and snow - but it's November

Pretty slow old weekend – what with all that rain we had! 31mm over the weekend , and what a relief. Nothing flowing down the river yet, but we don’t expect that for a couple of more days. We’ve got more mud then the pigs know what to do with, but they seem happy enough with it.

But not only rain - we had snow, ice and hail as well. Saturday was freezing and Sunday wasn’t much better. I was supposed to go to a local Grasslands Field Day on Sunday, but due to the pigs’ houses needing some running repairs because of the gale force winds, I was about half an hour late. Just in time for everybody to be leaving. Rather not have had to stand out in the weather all day anyway.

I was wrong about the stove – it’s just the oven that’s busted, not the whole thing. At least we still have hot plates, well three out of the four, the other one never really worked.

Pictures are back, I used the Cooks little point and shoot. Not the best quality – but I am trying. In fact today’s photo is by the Cook of George the lamb, he’s getting ready for bed.

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