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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Everyones fine

First day of Spring! The piglets are doing well; luckily we have a few days of warmth and sun for little critters to get a toe hold on life in. Our visitor is also doing well – he likes a sleep in, in fact he’s hard to get up in the morning. He’s eating well and yesterday really impressed the cook by defrosting the freezer – now why didn’t I think of that.

We’re getting low on wood, it’s always a dilemma this time of year, will I need more or not? Cook says get some, Medical Staff says get some, Midwife says get some and the Head Gardener says get some – so I’d better, I’m out voted again.

The baby chickens have been evicted out into the wide wide world, they seem to be coping well with their new surrounds. Janes ducks and chickens are settling in and appear to be doing well also.

Goats are still giving me a hard time. The other night, Bendy got her self stuck in the gully, I went out to get Archer back in and I heard her bleating. It must have been about minus 6, there I was running around the yard – no pants on, trying to untangle the goat from the rose thorn bushes in the middle of the night. She’s luck not ot be mentally scared for life!!!!!


Jaaam said...

Gosh don't you think we are mentally scarred for life with the picture of you running around with no pants on?????

Valley View said...

Only if your a goat! Bahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!