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Monday, May 16, 2011

Its cold now.

The front gate post at 7am this morning


jonesy said...

Hey Mate, that looks a dozy, we have had a couple of light ones but nothing near that. The days with a frost are great though, just enough warmth to be comfortable. So far the tomatoes I have carried through are coping and we may yet see a bit of fruit off them.

Yvonne Noakes said...

Our garden is tragic, what was left has been destroyed by a herd of young pigs the other day. But, spring is just around the corner - I do have to put glass in teh bathroom window however, at minus 7 having a shower can be very character building. Hope your feeling okay today.



The Duck Herder said...

Holy crap Yvonne! Thats a little too much fresh air for me.....

How is your drake? His brother Trevor is looking VERY HANDSOME - I do hope yours is doing well.

Bug hugs

Old Nev said...

Glad you kept the cold weather until your Mum came home.