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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Firstly – Happy Birthday Dad! St Patricks Day again.
Things are slowing down in the garden, I think we are getting the last of the zucchinis’, the cucumbers are slowing down and the strawberries are just a trickle. Can’t wait until our pumpkins ripen – from the one vine we’ve got almost a dozen large pumpkins!

I helped run the NSF booth at the Cooma show, we met a lot of nice people including Tristan and Jessica, they were great because they read the blog – see it really was me!
NSF Booth Cooma Show 2011

Anyway, they are taking over a property to the south west of Cooma and are keen to do things right, including using biodynamically. Hopefully our group will be able to help them out. Unfortunately it rained a bit at the show which kept the numbers down, it was also obvious that old heads aren’t as interested in NSF as all the visitors to our booth were either new land owners or hobby farmers.

Lamb after Cooking
We had a large group of people around on Canberra Day for a sort of open farm for friends. One of the pigs obliged by having piglets the day before, and the rain held off until everybody had left. We didn’t cook a pig this time we had a lamb, and keeping up the tradition managed to set it alight as well. But, having learnt at least one thing from last time we didn’t have it under a tree. The fire was quickly and calmly managed, I didn’t even know it had happened having been dragged off by the kids to see the piglets. I came back around the house to here somebody say (whom was linked to the last fire) ‘Help me scrape the burnt bits off before he gets back’.
The lamb was delicious, the cake table was superb, the company was great and the afternoon turned out to be very pleasant and enjoyable. We were so impressed at the generosity of everybody, we had so many salads and deserts, homemade rolls and bread it was truly astonishing.

Lamb after eating
Mrs D was in attendance and she brought with her a new Drake for our Khaki Campbell girls – it was love at first sight and I don’t think the girls have let him out of there sight since. She also bought the most magnificent mint jelly made by one of her neighbours – it was just perfect and made the lamb taste even better, hot and cold. Luckily she left it behind, I’ll return the jar for a refill later (the Cook would like the recipe hint hint).

We had a couple of set backs this week as well. Our pump got submerged for the umpteenth time after the creek rose suddenly on Friday. We had about 65mm on Thursday night/Friday morning, I left early Friday and the Cook didn’t notice the river – it probably hadn’t changed much at the time – by the time we got home it was well and truly up and the pump was bobbing around at the end of the pipe under six foot of water. I cleaned it up, but didn’t manage to get all the water out; sadly now she has had to go off to the Honda shop for a rebuild this time (yes because I tried to start it – it blow smoke for a second and seized, crap!). No showers for a week kids! The amount of rain we have had this year is unbelievable – nearly 200mm just this month alone.

Our feed supply man Greg, has come down with a sudden and very serious illness – I hope he gets well, and the Cook and I wish him all the best. Unfortunately we can’t get our feed that cheap or as good a quality anywhere else, so I’m off to Griffith this weekend to pick it up, that’s about 350km away to the west. It’s still cheaper then getting it here, and if I get a double order cuts down on the extra cost as well.

We’ve sold so many pigs this year. I’ve lost count of how many have gone, and last week we received an order for 20 over the next 4 weeks. So as well as driving to Griffith I’ve got four trips to Sydney in the next couple of months. On a rough count, we’ve gone from nearly 100 pigs to about fifteen or less by the time these leave. We plan on getting back to just our 5 foundation sows, their piglets, Little Pig, Floppsy and Fatso and the two boars. Specially now our feed man is out of action.

We have a couple of regular customers Ivan and Zvenda (sp), they have ordered another two weaners and are taking our oldest barrow to make into sausages/salami’s for us – half each. They are lovely people and ply the Cook with home made wine for a reduction on prices. They bought over a lovely shiraz the other day which we shared at the open day – I don’t drink, but was told it was very good.

Our Solar power station goes in a month which is very exciting. I’m waiting for the design drawings to come so I can get the holes and trenches dug – another job to do.

We’ve almost finished the first stage of new fencing for the Permaculture project and, probably not this weekend but the next, will have that finished. The small bull is back and the other bull and our cow are somewhere down the creek just waiting for it to be finished. I’ll get it slashed next week so that it’ll have fresh growth in time for winter.

So we are looking forward to apple picking and acorn collecting over the next few weeks as well – they say there’s time to sleep when your dead.


The Duck Herder said...

It truly was a lovely and delicious day at BVVF. I told Sue and Gwynne that the apple and mint sauce was a hit and why take my word for it when 30 other far more upstanding people agreed. I will see what I can do about getting either a recipe or another bottle to the cook.

Great news about your new drake - glad to see the honeymoon is still on. Sorry about the pump. Did I mention how much I love the cook's cooking? Especially the chocolate and zuc cake. hmmmmmmmm heaven.

I have a huge basket of almost ripe apples if you would like them for the piggies - they are a bit too green to use - but hopefully the piggies might like them? If my friend from Jindi is going past on Friday, I could get him to drop them off for you if you like?

Annette said...

Ha! I didn't really doubt it was you, but there you go! Very glad to have run into you and the NSF crew :)

I was wondering what kind of a response you'd get out of the Cooma folk. Tristan's family have owned the block on the dry plain rd and also one on the snowy mountains Hwy (used to be all one big block) since 1852, but both he and his mum arent really the farming type and more just nature lovers. I can't imagine some of the old farmy types liking NSF much. But I'm sure some will listen once it gains more of a foothold in the community. It can be quite daunting wandering up to a stall about some farming method you've never heard of that's being manned by people you don't recognise... I mean, not for me obviously! For the old blokes.

Anyway it was great meeting you guys, can't wait to get more involved!


Old Nev said...

Well Big Marty all your problems will be over once MOTHER arrives. Don't know what you've been worrying about. Don't forget to feed her up on all that fancy tucker you blokes get into.Its all roast road-kill and cane toad soup up here.