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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Something completely different

My next job - Weeds.....

I love Bush Poetry and Australian Folklore, I still have my collection of Henry Lawson and Bamjo Paterson somewhere - and a couple of old Wallace and Matilda cassette tapes so here's a lovely Australian poem. It has something for everyone - If you know the bush, it will appeal to you, if you work in the oil industry, there is something in it for you too, if you have a sense of humour - well, it might test it a little and if you are not an Australian, then it won't help your knowledge of Australian life one bit ...

I'm not sure of the Author, I think it's that really famous poet Annon.

Goodbye Granddad

Poor old Granddad's passed away, cut off in his prime,
He never had a day off crook - gone before his time,
We found him in the dunny, collapsed there on the seat,
A startled look upon his face, his trousers around his
The doctor said his heart was good - fit as any trout,
The Constable he had his say, 'foul play' was not ruled
There were theories at the inquest of snakebite without
Of red-backs quietly creeping and death from outer space,
No-one had a clue at all - the judge was in some doubt,
When Dad was called to have his say as to how it came
'I reckon I can clear it up,' said Dad with trembling
'You see it's quite a story - but it could explain his
'This here exploration mob had been looking at our soil,
And they reckoned that our farm was just the place for
So they came and put a bore down and said they'd make
some trials,
They drilled a hole as deep as hell, they said about
three miles.
Well, they never found a trace of oil and off they went,
post haste,
And I couldn't see a hole like that go to flamin' waste,
So I moved the dunny over it - real smart move I
I'd never have to dig again - I'd never be 'caught
The day I moved the dunny, it looked a proper sight,
But I didn't dream poor Granddad would pass away that
Now I reckon what has happened - poor Granddad didn't
The dunny was re-located when that night he had to go.
And you'll probably be wondering how poor Granddad did
his dash--
Well, he always used to hold his breath
Until he heard the splash!!


Martha Ann said...

Oh too funny! Was feeling grumpy and tired here today in the U.S. Midwest.

I'm still feeling tired but that delicious poem gave my soul a little jolt of pep.

Thank you

Martha Ann

swallowtail said...

that is hilarious.