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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I need more time in a day

There’s probably a lot I haven’t covered over the past two weeks due to how busy I’ve been. Tomorrow night is the AGM for the Natural Sequence Farming Association and Peter Andrews will be paying us a visit before the field days planned for Friday and Saturday. I’m planning on heading out to Murrumbateman on Saturday for a look at the project site on Yass River Road.

Yesterday morning I double booked myself, and had to make an early run (5am) into town to collect the bread. When I arrived home Daisy the pig was out in the yard ready for breakfast. She’s recently taken up sleeping in the hay on the floor of the feed shed - what ever makes her happy.

On Sunday I was walking around the pigs and noticed a piglet laying on the ground, I thought it had been laid on, so I picked it up. It appeared floppy and lifeless so I figured I would have to dispose of it. I walked around a little more carrying the piglet, climbed through the fence and went off looking for a bag to put it in. I hadn’t thought to look at its gender, so I turned it over and looked when it let out a ear piercing screech and frightened the hell out of me. Piglets obviously sleep a lot sounder then I thought.

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Lindsay said...

I think if someone turned you over to look at your gender you might give out a shriek!! ??